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Simultaneous and consecutive interpreration

Wherever you are in the world, you can count on our team of professional translators for high-quality, accurate interpretation in all languages. The interpreting team at Parrotrans are deeply knowledgeable in their fields of specialization and have superior skills in selecting the appropriate words and phrases according to the field, country and language.

Given that major international conferences and meetings to discuss cooperation between companies in the world require high-accuracy simultaneous translation, we guarantee you the presence of our most skilled translators. In addition to providing the necessary equipment and tools for on-site simultaneous translation as requested by the client.

Examples of interpretation services:

1- Hospitals, courts, patent registration office and legal institutions

2- Companies doing business in the Middle East and Europe

3- Interpretation in courts in Europe and other countries

4- Criminal investigations

5- Simultaneous interpretation at international conferences

6- An interpreter accompanying diplomats

7- Meetings, commercial offers and workshops

8- Advertisements

9- Aviation

10- Computer and technology

11- Construction

12- Engineering

13- Accounting

14- Health care

15- Human rights

16- Personnel affairs

17- Law

18- Medical and pharmaceutical translation

19- Military / Defense

20- Patents

21- Scientific translation

22- Seminar materials / training

23- Communications