Simultaneous and consecutive interpreration

Our immediate translators become a deep knowledge of the field that specialize in translation and integrated cultural skills in choosing the most appropriate words and phrases by field, state and language.

United States-led translation conferences.
In Parrotrans, we do a better job of interpreting what customers are asking for anywhere in the world. Also we can consider that equipment and tools are provided
Prior to interpretation services A few weeks before the conference or meeting, or even without an appropriate time notice, a specialist in the recruitment service was established by Maher Interpreter.

Several interpretation services:

1. Hospitals, courts, patent office and legal companies

2. Companies operating in the Middle East and Europe

3. Interpreting in the courts of justice in Europe and other countries

4. Criminal investigations

5. Interpretation at international conferences

6. An interpreter for the diplomats

7. Offer, trade shows, seminars and workshops

8. Advertising

9. Aviation

Computer and Technology

11. Construction

12. Engineering

13. Accounting

14. Health care

15. Human rights

16. Personnel Affairs

17. Law

Medical and pharmaceutical translation

19. Army / Defense

20. Patents

21. Scientific translation

22. Seminars / training materials

23. Communications