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Parrotrans provides high-level interpretation services for legal, corporate and government settings in many languages. Whether you need a certified interpreter for a deposition or over-the-phone interpretation for a last-minute conference call we can guarantee highly professional interpretation.
Our international team of qualified translators are experienced in providing accurate, high-quality language translation services. Parrotrans helps corporations, law firms, and government agencies to communicate and succeed in the global marketplace.
Rental and sale of equipment
Parrotrans supplies you with up-to-date professional equipment for use during polylingual conferences. You can either buy or rent equipment according to the number of international participants at the events you are hosting.
Experienced Lawyers at Parrotrans house offer great services for organisations needing legal consulting or translation especially when concerning Syria and its neighbouring countries

About Company

Parrotrans is a growing Turkey-based translation agency, a B2B service providing a spectrum of language services, located in Gaziantep. We work with clients and language professionals from all over the world in person or via Internet, phone and/ or fax. Our team is supported by an ever-growing network of professional highly qualified freelancers. We can guarantee a high quality services as we periodically evaluate the translation work of our team.

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Why to choose Parrotrans

  • We only recruit and work with highly-trained translators and/or language specialists who have a proven knowledge of the source language. They are ranked in our database according to their field of specialization, CAT tools used and proven past skills and efficiency.
  • It is crucial that the translation is assigned to someone who not only feels comfortable with the source text, but has relevant experience or proven past skills in the field in question. Therefore we always cross-reference the requirements of the source/target texts to our translator profiles.
  • For translations that require a high level of precision – that involve highly technical terminology or that require a particular language style – we appoint an expert in that particular field to check and edit the translated texts. For this purpose we only employ the crème de la crème of the translation community.
  • Much of our added value is generated during this final and very important checkpoint. Our work is much more complex and demanding than merely forwarding email between customer and translator. We carefully read the translations in order to check consistency, key terms, spelling & grammar and style.

Our Experience

  • Interpretation and Translation experience in international conventions, businesses and humanitarian agencies
  • Legal experience with fate of refugees inside and outside their country
  • Latest equipment and technical updates to improve our quality
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Our Clients

Perfect for Technical & Creative Translation

Legal Texts | Engineering | Medical | Technical Manuals | Reports | Patents | Creative Campaigns | Mobile and Web | Contracts | Product Descriptions | Transcreation
In-house Guides | Retail and In-store | Landing Pages | SEO Content | Keywords

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